Quality Management Systems Consulting

Scope of our Quality Management System consulting services includes Quality Management System Audit services which reviews your entire operating business system  to identify systemic deficiencies which has or could have an impact on profitability/customer satisfaction.

We only consult with respect to industries in which we have experience, which includes  the Offshore Oil and Gas (Services) sector, Marine/Shipping, Shipbuilding and Ship Repair industries.

While many organizations have implemented some sort of Quality Management System (QMS) model such as ISO 9001 or TQM, etc., in some cases, they have done so purely to use it as a marketing tool to get qualified for contracts, etc., rather than the actual objective of such implementation, viz. streamlining their business operations, reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction leading to the steady growth of the enterprise through continuous improvement. It is here that we use our experience and carry out an audit or a review of your QMS implementation to identify systemic deficiencies that could impact the organization's performance and business plans. Such systemic deficiencies could also stem from not taking appropriate preventive actions against the various industry specific risks which include but may not be limited to  commercial, contractual and financial risks, geographical risks, operational risks, regulatory risks, market risks, etc.

Indeed, the very objective of our Quality Management Systems Audit is to ensure that necessary systems are in place which enhance the organization's prospects of increased profitability and customer satisfaction, thereby adding value to employees, shareholders and the public at large.

Our system audit will result in a comprehensive report with recommendations. Later on, periodic maintenance audits can be conducted to review implementation and also recommend further improvement in systems.